Parents hold the key to our freedom and the realization of our life possibilities.  They can open and close doors.  As a fully aware person imprisoned by autism for 16 1/2 years, I experienced my own loss and saw my parents try and be disappointed by one method of treatment after another.  The medical and behavioral treatments were endless, and none worked to enhance my communication with the world in a meaningful way.  My parents gave up hope, educational “experts” did not effectively reach me, and I became considered low intelligence because of their failure to communicate with me.

When we finally found the right person who could help, I couldn’t blame my parents for being afraid to try something new.  But they listened and were open.  That has made all the difference.  Take the time to listen and learn to what parents have to say about the journey we are all on.  It isn’t easy, but it’s given me and others a voice and ability to participate in life.  Read my Note to Dad about my personal emotions.

Poorman answers John’s questions about who is successful with typing and what it takes.

Poorman shares how to get started.


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