I’m starting to look at colleges. Here are my first questions for them:

1. What can we do that would be worthwhile?
2. What studies do you have for teaching future teachers about autism?
3. What real education about entrepreneurship and inspirational philanthropy do you have? If you don’t have them, can we build it?
4. Teachers often question my ability at first. How do we deal with that?
5. Real openness from students requires lots using simple communication skills. Can we set up something for that?
6. Who would I live with?
7. Which fraternity should I consider?
8. Hearing class may not be enough. How do I keep up?
9. When and how do I eat, get to school, and do homework and swim?
10. What career will this mean for me?
11. Hearing of writing and production courses for work to become art would be helpful. What should we do to maximize this potential?
12. Teaching teachers would be satisfying. How can I do that?
13. Quiet is my expertise. The quiet between isolation and choice is in our conversation. Great silence creates great insights. Easy teaching might be writing and speaking about the great silence we share. Years of experience can be shared. Would this fit in a curriculum?


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