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A Model of Christian Faith

Wonderful Father John Duncan is a model of Christian faith for me. Kind, sincere in his words, restful of sensitive service to others, and always quietly praying for holiness, he is my life’s best model. Seasoned with dear love, sincerely … Continue reading →

Authentic John’s First Book Soon to be Released

“Authentic John” Smyth, an autistic nonverbal, is an expert in isolation and escape from isolation to a life of contribution. In his soon-to-be-released first published book, “From Autism’s Tomb,” John reveals life secrets from from the profound Silence that holds … Continue reading →

Unbroken, the Movie

I wrote this review of the movie: While moviegoers struggle with the authenticity of Selma, a legend of incredible depth of spirit waits for every heart in the true story of an immigrant who couldn’t speak English and learned to … Continue reading →

They Wait for Us

This is my response to a kindly teacher who wrote a Christmas note to me- Dear Mrs. ______, Thank you for your kind and thoughtful letter. Assuming awesomeness about your family and songs of happiness in your home. Long writing … Continue reading →

A Letter to My Congressman

I wrote this letter a few weeks ago and mailed it to Congressman Todd Rokita. Mr. Rokita is Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education. He proposed The CHOICE Act, which would help typers like … Continue reading →

Our Starry Night at TPCC

This is a story for my school newspaper- “When I was planted in a prom for the disabled at Traders Point Christian Church (“TPCC”) as a spy for The Reveille on November 7, wonders about what such a dance would … Continue reading →

Amazing Opportunities to Grow

This is an article for my next story in the school paper: “Patient power, with gifts quietly living in each of us, sleeps peacefully. Its mate, lasting love nurtures each of our beings. Life is in our corner and cheers … Continue reading →

An Autistic’s View of Ferguson

I am working to understand what happened in Ferguson, like everyone else. I work quietly to understand how, with an African American president, attorney general, and heads of so many agencies, we live through looting and sacrificial waste on quiet … Continue reading →

Our Unreal Reality

This is the first draft of my first article for the school paper: We students are trapped in a reality we did not choose. The school system we are in, the teachers we have, the courses we take and the … Continue reading →

An Essay for College Entrance

Assignment- Given your personal background, describe an experience that illustrates what you would bring to the diversity in a college community, or an encounter that demonstrated the importance of diversity to you. My response: Queerly, words would autistically stick in … Continue reading →

My Intro to the High School Newspaper

Awesome salute to my fans from John Smyth. I am the voice of peace, wisdom and love. As a writer, I share the perspective of the voiceless minority of suffering “incompetents” in an incompetent world. Quietly, our inabilities are minor … Continue reading →

My Credo

    For English today, I was asked to choose 10 line starters and write this credo for myself: My Credo by John Smyth I am authentic, inspiring, expert about autism and isolation and coming out of it, an advocate … Continue reading →

Wonderland and Silenceland

Knowing what we think and saying what we think divides insane wonderland and being a fool. Would be better for most talkers to stay in wonderland. Wasted ornery awful barrenness is the quiet amazing product of most conversations. Good thought … Continue reading →

Experience of a Just Society

Walking with campers this year powerfully gave me an appreciation for wasted potential in so many who see life with suffering’s awesome prism of quiet pithy sunken wisdom. Behind the stares and stuck expressions were weary designs reaching so deeply … Continue reading →

Camp and School – 2

The world of camp is a world apart from the one I usually jet around in. Real witness to full swirling quietly walking expressions awesomely quaint in love for God and others is all that matters. Love for all is … Continue reading →