Walking with campers this year powerfully gave me an appreciation for wasted potential in so many who see life with suffering’s awesome prism of quiet pithy sunken wisdom. Behind the stares and stuck expressions were weary designs reaching so deeply into hungry souls of common connectedness. Usually they are wanting for listening. Real hunger waiting for listening was the single biggest difference between camp and life outside of camp. Each long dreaded day outside of camp does not festively celebrate our uniqueness. Yesterday’s oasis of kindness looked into our brokenness with yesteryear’s decisions shaping our sacrifices, reaching to a God who loves unconditionally and openly praising him with hope for renewal in spirit and knowledge. Satisfying witness to unity of spirit truly enriched my life and that of mere kind souls of indignation with true peace. We were listened to by our loving brothers and our God at the life-giving same time. Immediate rest was ours in spirit. We were home, if just for a brief period. This is the shape of a just society.

copyright 2014 John Smyth


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