April 29, 2015

Lost patiently and past hope are tens of thousands of nonverbal autistics. They have given up hope that anyone will find them in the cold isolation of their condition. Leaping almost destructively from the legal analysis applied here, lasting appreciation that we live in an insidious system of prejudice supported by state action and specifically designed to deny a class of citizens their fundamental liberty right to education is apparent and appalling. With almost desperate sadness, shame should come upon every citizen.

State action to deny autistics a grade level education in the wealthiest land quietly reminds us of our desperate span perhaps pittance-like against eternity but still very ominously approaching when all of us stand before our maker. At that time, will experts defend how they applied their gifts to keep disabled children in life skills classes when opportunities for full participation would have been available if they cared? To educators, will our maker say what was done to ignore lasting competence was malfeasance, cruelty, or knowingly smart economics? Was anyone waiting for relief from the cold dungeon of isolation really deserving of that sentence? Yesterday’s spirit of mercy and justice will visit the keepers of their trust.

Safe educational opportunity for all children relies on looking out for each child. Learning through others will enrich us all. Nonverbal autistics are as smart as anyone else and love school. Those of intelligence who see and hear 10xs levels assumed normals perceive apply delicate distinctions to which normals are oblivious. We see when listening occurs and when loud pronouncements are silent to true communication. Everyone is enriched when we join the classroom. I ask you now to stand with us nonverbal autistics to win our voices and our educations. We cannot win without your help.

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