Michael Huskey was my Best Buddy at Carmel High School before I received my voice.  Take time to be friends with the person inside of autism’s affliction.  Read below to know the difference you can make.

Dear Michael,

Knowing, wanting, and patiently saying congratulations on this awesome day will need tissues for me as what you left me with can never be replaced, known or measured. You gave me my first friendship.  The confidence and connectedness that came from that will never evaporate.  I am better and more healed because of you, my friend.

As you continue to make a difference at Purdue, we will stay in touch.  Each day is different for me because you showed me what friendship is and that I am worthy of it.  You did this before my voice could be expressed.  In anything you do, believe first.  You will then continue to manifest great power.

Your fantastic fan and friend,


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