This is my response to a kindly teacher who wrote a Christmas note to me-

Dear Mrs. ______,

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful letter. Assuming awesomeness about your family and songs of happiness in your home. Long writing was part of my semester just finished. Lost in A Brave New World, I was sadly disturbed beyond my ability. No explanations could exact sufficient focus quietly linked with disturbance in my soul. The longing for class discussion that would allow some venting might have assisted me.

Knowing you will come to Saved By Typing is exciting. Yes, people are longing to be just as free in autism under the guise of incompetence as anywhere. Your help moves the world. I am honored to have made some difference in your perspective. Yesterday quietly assumes its place in the past. Let’s make a difference today and tomorrow as another witness in God’s everlasting sanctifying service to little ones waiting in the darkness. They wait now as desperately as I once did.

I hope to see you soon,


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