In my last Letter to Friends, I typed about creating books, “When I am independent it will be easier. Want to waste as awfully small amount of time as politically possible to host you at a celebration party for that.”  My dad asked what I meant by “politically possible.”  I replied, “What people working together agree is possible.”  Dad asked if they have to see it is possible or do I have to see it is possible to type independently.  I typed, “What I can agree, but showing it in the world requires agreement.”

Dad asked if this is what’s actually happening or is this my story about it.  It is my story.  Then I typed, it’s “tough in reality.  Saving touch to sweeten relationships is enjoyable.  Awfully hard to give that up and move to a saved level of isolation again.”  That’s an interesting observation that I just discovered.  Part of me is not fully committed.

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