Angie Sylas (formerly Brown), Facilitated Communication Trainer-in-Training

Angie Sylas (formerly Brown), Facilitated Communication Trainer-in-Training

Teaching powerfully is what I was born to do. Taking for being good at it is a new  experience. Thank you possibly for the greatest complements I have ever received. Could slow wonderful waiting for winter’s passing quietly usher in great assumptions of competence in the cold hearts and minds of teachers and doctors? We dearly hope so. Using what God has given us, all amazing creation can move.

We are working for those so abandoned even their parents don’t know them with weary eyes waiting so awfully long and far from hope. Was there really a sadder and sorrier population? Work with Laura to write success into your efforts. Awesome training to match your commitment easily is your first priority. Your peacefulness and decisiveness must be matched by a competence that assessments cannot waste or destroy.

Your friend,

P.S. Each skype awesomely will be fun. Bring it on.

Thanks to Angie for a kind letter saying my blog is helping parents and kids understand their path from desperate isolation. Happy to Skype with other typers, too.

[Editor’s Note: Saved By Typing, the support group John co-founded, conducts Typer Hangout conference calls every third Friday afternoon throughout the year. For more information, or to participate in a Hangout, visit for more information.]

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