Me As Two Tones of Color

Part of me is red. Ready quietly to challenge and power opportunities for insight and leadership until we realize lasting success. But deep inside there’s another part, white, like a waiting innocent in a body that won’t cooperate and represents … Continue reading →

Time and Purpose

Easy understanding of life’s seasons, always present, nesting quiet dreams into records in precious time, feeding the beast of history from the promise of today. Really patient sands of each moment want sacrifice to the extraordinary, noting awesomeness is only … Continue reading →

Ways to Establish Allies

The development of allies in life waits to be discovered by most of us. People need each other to get anything done in life.  Yet we often ignore possible ways to draw together. Remembering another’s names and interests is wonderfully … Continue reading →


Poorman saved my life.  Someone you know may have a resurrection story waiting for them, too.  Meet a teacher who has profoundly changed several lives- Laura Poorman answers key questions Laura Poorman tells how to get started   I love Poorman. … Continue reading →