You know what its like to speak at will? Do you know what its like to share your thoughts with those you love? Well not all people have the ability to do that. People with autism seldom get a chance to communicate these feelings or emotions. I know because until recently I thought I would never be able to express any of those things to others.  I want other children with autism to learn how to get a voice like I did so they can be set free, too.

First, I want to tell you about me and what my life was like before December of 2010. I lived in a very lonely world, and couldnt allow anyone in. It was a place where I was comfortable, but so very alone. I wanted so much to be close to others, but autism made it impossible for me to do that. If you are a person with autism, im sure you know exactly what I mean. I was comfortable, but longed for so much more from life.  I didnt know where i was going in life let alone if i had anything significant to contribute to anyone. That is until Facilitated Communication came into my life.

In December of 2010, I met a teacher who knows how to facilitate with people with autism, by holding their hand, or wrist to support them in typing real words. They are my words, and her touch allows my brain to make sense. I type to talk, and have a voice for the first time ever in my life. Poorman facilitates while I talk to family, friends, and even when doing regular academic work.  I’ve learned alot and am gaining knowledge each day.   I’m impressed at how much I know and have taught myself. I know that it’s time to push my brain to the next level, and allow others to teach me more.

My hopes and dreams are to gain enough knowledge that I can get a high school diploma.  I have a lot of work ahead of me in order to accomplish this goal, but I can do it. After high school I want to go to Purdue to get a degree in special education and work with people with autism like me so they to can get their own voice.  I want to reach as many kids young, so they get a voice sooner than I did. I don’t want any child to live the lonely life I did for so long.

In summary, I pray that I can get the message out about fc, and help others before its too late. If you are autistic, there is hope.  Don’t go another day of being lonely. If you are a parent, please seek out fc, and give your child the gift of a voice. I know my parents and Poorman will help you through.   Everyone deserves to be heard.


copyright 2011 John Smyth

March 5, 2011

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