Sacred Tests, Broken Theories, and Disabilty: Legacy Mindsets of the 1920s © Copyright 2015, John Smyth. All Rights Reserved This presentation of “Sacred Tests” was written as an 11th grade English class assignment in March, 2014. I wrote the text … Continue reading →

A Case for Action

It is estimated that 110,000 people nationwide, including a number of severely autistic children and young adults like myself, are trapped in unresponsive bodies.  Being trapped, we are unable to communicate without a trained expert to discover us.  We can’t tell our … Continue reading →

A Personal Mission Statement

My personal mission is to: introduce processes that can allow whoever is “autistic” to express their hidden competence; enable relationships with school and family that discover competence among the mislabeled and pathways to acceptance and growth; be a catalyst to opportunity and accomplishment … Continue reading →