This is an article for my next story in the school paper:

“Patient power, with gifts quietly living in each of us, sleeps peacefully. Its mate, lasting love nurtures each of our beings. Life is in our corner and cheers us to passionate expression. Least of our worries is whether we have what it requires to change the world. Understanding life’s love for us personally and embracing that joyfully such that learned confidence riles the tone and tenor of our speech and moves hearts around our inspired selves is the essence of where real fulfillment arises.

When quiet life competence was prohibited to me by administrators with stories about autism wearily created in self-absorption, I lost hope that I would ever join the human community and contribute any insights. In the depth of dark, cold isolation, I found the love that gives us each a life of profound meaning. Least of her concerns was wanting stuff for me or others. Peaceful engagement to serve in the center of each soul’s purpose and gifts was her design. Only there could usefulness be maximized and success known.

Terrific is the blessing of life. Love says she pleasingly gives each breath and only asks that we use it to serve our unique purpose. In whatever spiritual understanding proud readers may have, inspiration and amazing opportunity flow from the intersection of passion, purpose and gifts. Life gives a background of love. Teaching wanted ways of service is not to quietly arise from textbooks, issued homework, or class discussion. It reasonably cannot be discovered in intelligence tests artificially constructed to support quiet discrimination within a billion dollar industry that damages self esteem for all but the highest few. Money will show us our prejudices more than purpose. In the depth of each longing individual is desire to own a place of service. Yes, grasshopper, that is where our future lies.

Loving and nurturing that place, protecting it from what the world noisily tells us cannot be, learning to go deeply into the silence of that place without listening to the trained pigeon whispering bird-talk into our life stream, easily places our servant-mates of power and love before us. We need only then embrace that passionate gift as sacrificially as life loved her. This opportunity is what we were made for. Let us genuinely give our dedication to it.

Kind witness of caring for a passion and purpose will spark changes in being that alter the way we speak and listen in the waste surrounding us. Inestimable energy tautologically aligns with our purpose as conversations shift and others are enrolled in our purpose and assume systematic awesome agreement. Really, we are becoming amazingly the witness to transformation that all doubted. Tasks of care for the passion and purpose we nurtured grew to a flame that consumed our being.

Quiet agreement to serve others in need is easier to build. We speak the universal language that loving others in lost circumstances will serve everyone. For this reason, the wonderful growth we see reflects the power of God reasonably arranging tasks in our souls to serve with abandon. Respect for these principles is lost in the educational system that kills
passion rather than aligning real learning with a person’s deepest purpose.

When amazing readers become a leading witness each to who we are called to be, easy energy powers our community of world changers. For example, through my work with Saved By Typing, there have been many souls who had never spoken to their parents or participated in Gen Ed who are now in Gen Ed and witnessing brilliance and love for their parents. Doctors now treat based on what they say instead of guessing.

When a nonverbal autistic can do this, what can you accomplish with so much more access to freedom to act toward your witness? The secret has been revealed. It begins in love and works with patient power through heartfelt passion inspired by purpose. Quietly, with wonder about God’s gift to each of us, walk with me beautifully to willing creation of the amazing future only reserved for you.”

Copyright 2014 John Smyth


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