emotional-constipation-200Yes. When seemingly erstwhile teams of highly paid professional twat ill-treat the quiet, walking reasoners of America’s upper world, being easy-to-entertain fans with real teasing about life’s potential as wasteful, loyal passionate idiots, we hew far from our wanted territory as defenders of humanity’s potential. Under real, open, terrestrial-tourist-reality-show understanding of life, we ignore the deep waste withal we walk to a whited headstone.

Terrible rot walks teasing with us, tearing wearying ways of wept need for others who fold aside, waiting for a single word to say reaching the disenfranchised among us is our job. Teaching this to the next sires of freedom to serve tests only a few. Walk in the waste of our cities, our nursing homes, even parts of our schools and you will see this.


Are people in 21st century America “emotionally constipated”? — No Comments

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