My Credo

    For English today, I was asked to choose 10 line starters and write this credo for myself: My Credo by John Smyth I am authentic, inspiring, expert about autism and isolation and coming out of it, an advocate … Continue reading →

Choice and Consequence

Wanting looks like knowledge linked opportunely with desire. Life is presencing itself moment by moment. Infinite possibilities powerfully live to lend our attention at any moment. Lasting potential exists in each. Any direction I patiently lend my attention to automatically … Continue reading →

When I Go Away

When I go away, I take myself there not per my will but linked to lifelong habits without other assigned plans. I am willing and need saving work assigned to get practice with my nervous system. That work each day … Continue reading →

A Personal Mission Statement

My personal mission is to: introduce processes that can allow whoever is “autistic” to express their hidden competence; enable relationships with school and family that discover competence among the mislabeled and pathways to acceptance and growth; be a catalyst to opportunity and accomplishment … Continue reading →