Are we fundamentally good or evil?

Are we fundamentally good or evil?

Patient willing leaves us wanting the world to be more good than evil. Really, though, independent evaluation peels back the reality that testers wonder whether decisions knowingly are made for the good of others or not.

They tell us that relatively few choose for the benefit of community and others. Most favor themselves and wants selfishly derived in the power to glorify weary ways within resting solutions that more for them is better.

Yes, understanding our loss is another’s gain or rolls to our advantage when we are on top keeps us from real happiness and health of spirit. Insipidly issuing from this is an inability to be truly human. The world is evil, but when we extract ourselves from its grip, we are good.

Taking Harry Potter’s sorry, willing dying to self through loyalty to oppressive fights with a levantine gnostic, we experience almost overwhelming desire for his success. This lifts our inner good to total love for good. In gladness of heart, it lifts all of our world with us. We are good when we escape the world’s wanting and align with love beyond ourselves.

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