CaptureMy dad asked me who I am rooting for to win the World Cup now that the US is out. I typed, ‘Sports is about excellence, not lasting knowledge.’ He asked, “what is about lasting knowledge?” I typed,

“Spiritual saintliness is about lasting example. Spiritual sacrifice is awesomely eternal. So few do it and we starve freely, waiting to be led and not wanting to really see where it goes. Want to say ego is threatened. Easier for the nonverbal who surrenders ego each day. There isn’t any new lasting knowledge. We know it, whether we want to sincerely embrace it or not is up to each soul. Each soul’s witness weasles itself about in a world thinking differently from it’s best interest. Really, lost souls don’t see the conversation. Wishing simple doesn’t get there. Being simple does. How do we get to lasting knowledge? We go to prayer. And sacrifice to serve God and there isn’t anything else that matters with Him.”

Dad asked, “what about special knowledge and money and having lots of nice stuff and friends thinking I’m smart and special?” I typed, “Sorry. It doesn’t count.”

copyright 2014 John Smyth


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