graduation-2Really, what leads the student is the teacher’s belief in the student. The teacher provides the powerful listening that makes great thinking possible. Teachers who have no confidence to do this or in themselves steal the educationaL POTENTIAL OF THE STUDENT, WHETHER THEY ARE PARENTS, EDUCATORS IN A SCHOOL SYSTEM, OR SEMINAR LEADERS.

THE MAJESTY OF GREATNESS IN a teacher is silently hidden in their awesome commitment and belief in the great potential of their students. I don’t know a lot about communicating and writing to believe in another, and there will seemingly be few who are able with confidence to ensure the sound understanding of another.

I do know that my experience with knowledge acquisition is that belief in the learner always allows a massively better resilience in the learner’s relationship with the information. And when it comes to waking up great and lasting learning capacity, only the belief and confidence of the educator surpasses all.

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