How is a Teacher a Doctor?

Quite simply, students acquire knowing application of what they are taught taking their lead from the teacher. The entire amazing, wonderful relationship is seated in safety and belief established by the teacher. This is like a doctor’s real, quite personal awareness and commitment. Quality patient-doctor relationships are established in trust and belief in the wholeness and well-being of the awesome and unique patient.  Regardless of their condition, the doctor sees in whatever he treats a whole, dignified, glorious human wonder of great capacity for healing.

The teacher must see this in the student’s ability to acquire love for knowledge; and a student’s relationship with all quite awesome learning  is a function of the relationship then taking shape with the teacher. The teacher is a doctor or intermediary for learning as a doctor is an intermediary for health. The student’s awareness of the teacher’s great gift of confidence may be affected by other influences at home or socially, but there is little ability for great learning really without the teacher’s creative commitment to believe and stand in commitment for the capability of the student.


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