Understanding what IEP worlds are like began for me in a cold and heartless school where teachers were afraid for their jobs and aides were not welcome to attend. Then I went to a new community to live. We just finished my second annual case conference. I will graduate with a core 40 high school diploma in 2015. My old school wouldn’t even let me try for the program. Taking assumptions of thankfulness for the culture of Brownsburg Schools into account, I want to reflect on what this means to our larger society.

Only when we finished yesterday’s IEP Case Conference could I look back and see the dramatic difference it makes to awesomely let teachers do their jobs and want me to graduate with a valued degree leaving high school and not a “Each Special Child Is Really Unable” certificate. The waste of competent intelligence to really quickly impact the world we live within is easily transformed by the shaming knowledge lovers in broken-balanced wasted shells of physical incompetence. Waste in our society seems to be a way of life of selfishness. It odiferously dominates even the lean generosity that some live and love through.

Would most parents choose a life that is imperfect when each lottery talk reasonably says that a powerfully perfect child is waiting easily risk-free after someone quite as me? All each must do now is decide when my life can be taken after I sadly become sick. Teachers in systems that patiently waste our intelligence hide our gifts in their own selfishness. They hasten the condemning of our lives to euthanasia in the wasting tombs of our empty autistic silence or our sentence of death to end the suffering they easily supported by laziness and cowardice.

Each day I go to Brownsburg High School, when that Pledge of Allegiance is said, passionately embraced afterward with a moment of silence, I appreciate the contrast in worlds between the society I began my living hell of poor, wasted, real suffering and the heaven of freedom at Brownsburg. In this difference is what patiently persons of insight will see is the future of sacred society. Walking awesomely with courage, we will waste less and create quiet real wealth when we save the lost whom God gave us for a reason.

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