US History Class Project,  Mr. Phillip Smith, Teacher
Nov. 21, 2013

An Invention to Change the World: Customized Individual Student Curriculums
© copyright 2013, John Smyth

My business will transform education for all of humanity:


Students are safely bored quite a lot. Each is not passionate about what parents and teachers want them to do. Each student walker’s real inspiration assumes a pretty delivered and deliberate walk from passion into boredom to live someone else’s life. That is what students are given. Some are more compliant than others. Few if any experience an optimized, passionate enjoyment of education. In addition, some have learning capacities related to poor breathing and distraction. By monitoring these, students can acquire more control over their ability to relax, focus and learn. Society will reap huge benefits when students quietly give all to education.


All quiet breathing can be easily and quickly tracked so you can know if your brain is functioning optimally. When it is, worry patiently assumes a silent position. When there is no quiet loss of love, you can even measure that the love index increases. Affinity is an energy field that increases or decreases. We can measure what and who someone likes. Facial expressions can also tell us how engaged someone is with what they are doing. Students can learn to optimize their breathing and we can capture and keep their interest.


Applying all of the above measures to education, we can use the information to design each person’s education to center on what is fun. Skills will bridge across disciplines. Confidence and desire to learn will grow. Teachers will become coaches in a more engaged way. Each student customer will be happier and better educated with different tracks to learn on depending on interests and abilities. This system will apply to learners of all ages.

Business Projection:

We will measure life energy real time throughout the school day. We will do this by measuring eye dilation, skin temperature, tightness and conductivity, breathing, EEG waves, pulse, and facial expressions.

With this information, our business system can ensure that all of each student’s day will be filled patiently with surprise, excitement, passion, purpose, and interest.

  • We will be able to recognize and appreciate each person’s inspiring teachers, and even subjects and topics, causing greater engagement.
  • Quietly powerful software will walk through tons of information.
  • Movies and videos and printers in 3-D will engage all senses.
  • With powerful, free search engines harnessing what appeals to the student, we will gather information and align it for the student to only study what grows high interest levels.
  • Pictures and images within the menu are suggestions and students like what they like.
  • Core concepts will safely stay in the loaded curriculum but they will be completely learned within protocols adapted to the individual student.
  • The interests, skill-building, and knowledge acquisition wonderfully build on each other.

When walkers do something, its likely to be really fun because our system interactively measures engagement in real time. The knowledge-base of the world is used to create and to build confidence and learning interest in each student. Every child’s potential in every place in the world can be tapped. We will take the boredom out of learning and measure and develop needed skills for today and tomorrow without losing the basics.

Product Design

Measure & Score

Feedback & Logic

Database Core Information

Eye dilation
Skin temperature
Skin tightness
Skin conductivity
EEG waves
Color codes
Tests & knowledge application
Skill development demonstrations
1. Checklists
2. Measures of work
3. Accomplishment
4. Remaining core to learn
Subjective scores by the student and teacher Subjective scores via:
1. Enthusiasm level
2. Excitement
3. Progress in learning
4. Confidence
5. Capacity throughtput of knowledge
6. Skill development recommendations
Search engines via Google, others by language and quality
Specialized search engines for specific libraries or bodies of knowledge, e.g. YouTube, Vimeo

Business Costs:

Each student is required to have a cell phone, blue tooth, and signal that will be monitored by the school and information will be captured by our database and available for real time review. Each student is also required to supply their own AAA batteries. They will use an average of 3 per week. COST BREAKDOWN:

Variable per student, 1 time expense:
Cortex EEG app per student $ 7
Neurosky Mindwave Mobile EEG headset 80
Cardio Heart Rate Monitor, Stress-check pro, eSense apps 5
Mindfield eSense Skin Response or Affectiva Qsensor 2.0 200
Total investment per student – 4 years
Cost per year per student
$ 292
Variable per student, per year:
1x Cost per year per student above 74
1 Year Cloud computer database cost per student 5
Affdex Facial Coding 20
Total cost per student per year
Total cost per student per month
Variable marketing costs per sale to individuals:  50%
Variable marketing costs per sale to schools: Year 1 50%
Year 2 25%
Year 3+ 15%
Fixed costs one time*: 
2x  full time experienced app-specialty coders for
Measure & Score, Feedback & Logic, and Central Info
$ 70,000
3x full time coders for web search coordination with
Sensors to ensure access to data
Total one time fixed
Total one time fixed over 5 years
Total one time fixed per month
Fixed costs annual:
Coder maintenance & development $ 50,000
Fixed Admin staff and costs 50,000
Website and affiliate development, miscellaneous 50,000
Total fixed cost per year
Total fixed cost per month
*all coders are outsourced in foreign jurisdictions relating by odesk.

Marketing the University in the Cloud

Individual Market Sales

Each day more sign up and you keep developing it. This is really simple with a good system to measure happiness.

  • I would sell kids using celebrities who care about learning.
  • Quite a lot of awesome websites would promote my product.
  • Commissions paid to celebrities and affiliates are very good and are ongoing at 50%. They can build an annuity and invest in a long-term relationship.
Targeted marketing geared toward:
  • Parents for learning early
  • Kids with learning challenges
  • College students to learn better
  • Students to do better to get into college
  • Anyone who wants to read and learn optimally
Student Outlay Cost (per year):
  • One time equipment rental: $297/year = $27/month
  • Refundable deposit when returned in workable order $417
  • Annual “Best Learning”: $497/yr = $47/mth

Sell via internet with marketing ads, videos, testimonials, website, landing pages, affiliate relationships.

Strong maintenance of relationships with learning, sell other products through sales channel, average net value per client = $900 per year – 50% commission = $450 per year

$450 gross profit less $99 variable cost = $351 per year / per student

Break even after variable costs if development cost is spread over 5 years = $205,000 / year;
$205,000 / $351 per individual – based on 584 individual customers, no institutional sales

Institutional Market Sales: school systems, day cares and government for enrichment.

  • Price it at a fee of $27 per month while in session.
  • Total cost is $9 per month.
  • Equipment would be sold at cost.
  • Gross profit = $18 per month x 8 months = $144 per year, less marketing costs of 50% year 1, 25% year 2, and 15% in future years or $72, $36, and $24.
  • Based on $72 net profit per sale, break even after variable costs if development cost is spread over 5 years = $205,000 / year

$205,000 / $72 per student = 2,847 institutional students, with no individual sales

Summary of Objective

I would be honored and grateful to facilitate this new, innovative education process that will provide an optimal individualized course of study to meet every students’ needs.

  • My business will empower teachers to be coaches.
  • Teams will work on topics of mutual interest in areas they like.
  • All measurements will be reviewed by teams and grades will include making sure everyone wins.
  • Self study will apply coursework across subject areas.
  • Interests will be aligned to develop learning power and skill development.
  • Everyone has skill levels to then work in the market and work with themselves and others for greater skill development.

After this larger market is developed, I will do the wanted and needed products for those with physical and mental handicaps.

Everyone deserves to be heard and have the opportunity to realize their greatest potential.

This product would free everyone to grow and prosper in happiness and fulfillment of their uniqueness. Quite apart from business success, I would be a captain of human capacity, each building on greater strength. When the witness of my work is complete, wellness, health and understanding will be my quiet walker’s witness.


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