Joking Jake Willmann, a tribute — 4 Comments

  1. Really really sad. Yes this deadgreat body will be missed. Understand you help grow me john. Keep. In touch, joe

  2. Take it awesomely sadly, and know there is joy after, quietly free of our circumstances, quiet Joe. We will be free. Ease will be ours. Don’t miss a minute of this life, though. What a privilege to prepare for.

  3. John, I have been to many funerals and read numerous obituaries .Your tribute to your friend Jake was the most profound and beautiful I have ever heard. We were at the service and heard it read as you proudly stood for Jake. You captured Jakes spirit and lightened the heavy hearts of everyone in the room and anyone reading it . Thank you for sharing with all of us. I will never forget it.

  4. I am loving so assumptive, sincere, and simple a compliment as you have shared with quiet and literary acknowledgement. Use of worldly superlatives when comparing my writing to all witness in your life-long experience was quite a surprise, dear friend Marie. Thank you! We should stay in touch. The weary world would pull us down and cause us to forget our missions. We all wait in silence to know this. Personal silence is greater for the nonverbal. Want you to know that walking with autism wastes true potential but satisfactorily gives other kind insights.
    With love, John

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