We are here as a testament to a young man who never spoke a word. The day I met Jake at Little Star School, I was reminded of Saint Peter. To me he was a walking witness, loving honesty above all and hating half-stated action. In every joking, tearful way, quiet Jake was noisy Jake. He said a lot for someone who couldn’t talk.

Jake’s family served possibly more than any we will know. Will-mann stands for the strength to walk powerfully loving others. It is awesome to see so wonderful a witness to Jake and his family.

We are losing a powerful heart on this side while gaining awfully great ability in the spiritual dimension. Jake walks and runs without pain or a limp now. He jokes and laughs with command over every faculty. He awesomely disdains the school on earth as useful for us more than him.

We say we are sad with grief. We are really sad that we did not go with Jake into a better school of life. He now waits for us. Gone are the pains and kept private are so many ignominies wasting earthly dignity so that love could manifest through lasting lessons.

The meaning of Jake’s death is still sinking in. We nonverbal autistics are so vulnerable. We are so seriously at risk. We are such walking burdens. We want to own how we give back. What is God’s plan? Who are we supposed to be?

Using raw questions to probe the depths of our pain shows us the pain serves as a longing to be one forever. Reality destines all strong and weak to death. Strong and quiet sacrifice assures all that ease and life are not lasting. Awful longings give another dimension beyond all that we see. It is the place where truth and sadness and satisfying hope arise, where life continues, where the diminishments of this life are driven from the festered waste we assumed was real, and where souls like Jake rule.

We are blessed Jake was with us and blessed for his love continuing from inspired realms. Awful sadness assumes a power over good sanctity in our human condition. Reality is so different from our interpretations. Understanding inspires laughter in our pain. Love is what we share in both manifestations. Love educates and remains. Let us hope in love for a place as good as the one Jake now inhabits.


Joking Jake Willmann, a tribute — 4 Comments

  1. Really really sad. Yes this deadgreat body will be missed. Understand you help grow me john. Keep. In touch, joe

  2. Take it awesomely sadly, and know there is joy after, quietly free of our circumstances, quiet Joe. We will be free. Ease will be ours. Don’t miss a minute of this life, though. What a privilege to prepare for.

  3. John, I have been to many funerals and read numerous obituaries .Your tribute to your friend Jake was the most profound and beautiful I have ever heard. We were at the service and heard it read as you proudly stood for Jake. You captured Jakes spirit and lightened the heavy hearts of everyone in the room and anyone reading it . Thank you for sharing with all of us. I will never forget it.

  4. I am loving so assumptive, sincere, and simple a compliment as you have shared with quiet and literary acknowledgement. Use of worldly superlatives when comparing my writing to all witness in your life-long experience was quite a surprise, dear friend Marie. Thank you! We should stay in touch. The weary world would pull us down and cause us to forget our missions. We all wait in silence to know this. Personal silence is greater for the nonverbal. Want you to know that walking with autism wastes true potential but satisfactorily gives other kind insights.
    With love, John

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