newtown-shootingMy brother James posted thoughts about what the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy says about America on his blog.  See them at A Land of One-Man Islands, or Shootings are a Symptom of Social Sickness

My response to this is:

Autism makes your body do things your mind doesn’t want. There was no autism in this real tragedy. Always there is walking with each way quietly in wonder or aloneness. We always confuse what quietly happens with the interpretation we say is true. Wasting amounts of all emotion and some amounts of interpretation based in assumptions about the world founded in worldview choices we awfully created a life’s wasted argument ago serves none except those who would imprison us with more laws. Healing would involve spending the time and energy otherwise devoted to gun control on mental health services. All will say we are all about caring.  Each will talk and so few will connect with love and caring.

Really, the prison of isolation gets awfully more real as we apply laws and prison authority on politicians ever more isolated from real life.  Their careers separate them and our interests and that this change is critical. Assuming that amazingly could happen, we still will need to address real work more each day walking with each other. When this happens and we stop adding all kinds of burdens on each citizen’s shoulders, we can all begin to heal.

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