My problem was that I didnt know how to communicate with the outside world. I wanted to, but just couldnt seem to figure out how. I needed the help of the outside world and to find someone who believed in me. I knew my parents did and were trying to help, but it wasnt easy. My parents heard about Facilitated Communication and found someone who knew how to unlock my door of opportunity.

Ms. Poorman came into my life by luck and God’s grace. My parents met the Poormans at our church, and got her phone number. Mom called and set up a time to meet. I was so excited, I could hardly stand it. As soon as I saw her, and she took my hand, I knew life would be different for me than it ever had been. I could talk and had a voice all my own.

At first, Poorman held my hand real tight and offered resistance, then my brain told me what to say.  Everything just came spilling from my brain to my finger tip across the keypad. It was scary, but really exciting. The more I typed, the smarter I felt, and the more confident I got. Ms Poorman and I connected in a way I had never been able to connect with anyone before.  She gave me a way to speak to my parents for the first time ever. I told them how much I loved them and appreciated what all they do for me.  Poorman also helped me talk to my brothers and sister. I also got to talk to my best friend Michael, and could thank him for the gift for the first time ever.  What joy that brought us all.  Best Christmas gift ever!

As I continue to work at developing my voice, I learn more and more about the world of communication, and how powerful a gift it is.  I can text, e-mail and talk even with my voice sometimes now.  I look forward to a much brighter future, and have high expectations for myself.  I dream of joining David at Purdue and get an education degree so that I can help others with Autism. My job will require self-control, and hard work, of which Im willing to do.

Please believe in all people, because what you see on the outside may not be a true reflection of a mans heart.  With autism, that is how it is, you cant see the real man through the unique behaviors that we cannot control. Please give Facilitated Communication the merit it deserves.  I was dead, and now I’m alive inside because of it.  I love Poorman.


copyright 2011 John Smyth

March 2, 2011


Story about a problem – my first essay — 2 Comments

  1. John: TY for sharing your experience to communicate by Facilitated Commuication. I look forward to learning more about your experiences as you share via this blog. JMS

  2. yes, yes! i sincerely appreciate your interest and support. you wrote to me on Facebook too. we’ll be friends for a long time, i hope.

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