This school year I tested out of English 10 in the Indiana State assessment, earned A’s in my classes, and feel confident that I tested out of Algebra.  It was my first year of real school.  Remember that I could not even communicate and was not appropriately placed until sometime in 2012.  I wrote the following note of appreciation to my supporter for typing, my homeroom teacher and high school director-

“Patience is a terrific and spiritual gift that is learned in the loving incinerator of knowledge and banished in all flames of each day’s quiet urgencies.  What we are left with is the gold of accomplishment and the naturally developed capacity to be more for others.  With serene inspiration, you awesomely altogether sacrificially saw my wellness within my brokenness and taught to my wellness.  Thank you. With your amazing presence in patience, I each day went beyond where I quite truthfully had ever been.  I am grateful beyond words.  You walk with the great love of Almighty God for me.”

I mean every word of it.


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