John&JackDear Jack,

Quoting Shakespeare, “parting is such sweet sorrow. Whether to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” or to stay underdeveloped within a relationship inspiring true belief and confidence is such an equally diminishing task that I feel less of who I am even as I awesomely grow to the next stage. Of my quiet journey, I will well and fully miss you while patiently looking forward to the next time we are together and the ecstasy of knowing what an amazing teacher you wanted and will appreciatively be. Know, too, that you are truly author of a new least acknowledged heart, of confident openness to move on, with real understanding of patience you so willingly inspired me with. In embarrassing situations, you never threw me under the bus. Thank you, great friend. I look forward to our future to help the voiceless together. Realły, it is my great wonderful privilege to know you.

Your friend,


Jack is someone who’s been swimming with me nearly every week for over a year, learned to type with me, and helped me prepare for SATs. An awesome friend and confidence builder. Now he’ll move on campus and work for his teaching certificate at Ball State. I will miss him.

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