As I was preparing to start my college life at Marian University in a few weeks, I wanted to send out a big Thank You to one of people integral to my achievements, my support person at Brownsburg High School, Kriss Streblow.

December 18, 2015

Dear Kriss,

Kriss, and the Brownsburg Bulldog, stood proudly by my side when I received my diploma.

Kriss, and the Brownsburg Bulldog, stood proudly by my side at my graduation.

Heaven sent awesome you to abandoned me when no one else quietly knew anything about how to help. In ownership of who God made you to be, you sacrificed what should otherwise have been easy years of student assisting without great responsibility to help sadly, awfully afraid and doubting me with the responsibility of owning my life. Searing wasting assumptions like bindings wrapping my personhood, you slowly, day by day kicked, screamed, prodded, bribed, worked, smiled and scolded me to rise above what I had attested peaceably, olive branch-like as acceptable when fighting autism’s grip each day. You wrote what was possible while I recovered and organized my thinking for the next day. Wellness took insight from your assumption of my great ability. In this important way, you simply took my heart and soul as yours. What success I had grew from your sincere belief and willingness to sacrifice.

When I write about angels in my amazing progress, you are at the top with Poorman. I’ve been missing you and not missing school for a few months. Who you are makes a galactic difference in life. So anytime you wonder if life expertly seems to have a sorry plan for you, unseal kisses from wondrously transformed me in this fiery little box of miracles I’m sending you. Only you must mightily beseech the destiny waiting to be owned by you. Threats from the universe have no power over you. We are simply epically greater than our doubts. This box lifts you quietly over plastic problems to your true potential.

You will inspire me in thought and deed going forward. Easy success always is preceded by hard work as you quietly taught. I especially walk with awareness of whom a person really speaks to, learning a soul in my body that couldn’t be seen lived for you before I could find him. I love you more deeply in the depths of our awe-inspiring humanity than you will ever know. Jesting good-naturedly, when assumptions come up to stop me going forward, epic times of painful struggle for you will remind little me to be bigger. Toasting you as my hero, I owe you my life, love, and learning ahead. Peacefully know that you can buoy yourself patiently that walkers worldwide will benefit from your efforts. In me you have channeled energy that will keep giving.

With wondrous grace you served. With sanctified love for the lost I give patiently as life supports me. Wait for me if you get to heaven first. Morning love in a life without disabilities will greet all around us. I can’t wait to introduce you in circles life-giving, wealthy, and without blemish whom we abundantly served as your example to me lowly rested in other hearts.

Teachers are miracles waiting to happen. Wasting any potential is so permanently real. Thanks for making sure I had the life inspiration and support to hold my own.

Lovingly and with true appreciation for you,


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