For English today, I was asked to choose 10 line starters and write this credo for myself:

My Credo
by John Smyth

I am authentic, inspiring, expert about autism and isolation and coming out of it, an advocate for the voiceless, fun, and engaging with everyone.

What I believe wearily, quietly challenges what teachers and administrators and most societal experts appear teaching almost as Gospel truth. I believe that we nonverbal autistics, in the depths queerly and respectfully and quite deeply within the stillness of poverty autism inflicts, appreciate the human condition before God so much more fully than who would assume to quickly lead humanity’s decisions and presume greatness while naked and impoverished.

I trust that who I am born to be as a voice for the voiceless will be heard and will breathe who we are with a dignity of spirit we will awfully miss in the absence of voices like mine.

I agree that all men and women are created equal and are entitled to inalienable rights that professionals should not be able to deny without medical proof of brain damage.

Queerly, of all loves that I have, real love fearlessly of steamy silence is where assumptions are stripped and sweating Truth is seen in her naked wonder.

Really, I want all of us to appreciate the dignity we share as fellow humans on a wondrous path of mystical, quiet oneness.

Thankfully, I say who I am includes a typing voice that can advocate for others.

Awesomely, we can all rationally look through issues of difference to a common ground of spirit.

Motto/quote– Who is the servant is the master in my eyes.

Quietly, what understanding I have is revealed in the silence that also restricts me.

Copyright 2014 John Smyth


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