hiroshima bombThis question was asked for US history. These are my thoughts-

I want quietly and anxiously to say we altogether looked sadly at this issue when our family visited assumed awful remnants of the bomb at ground zero in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The single largest Christian population in Asia was destroyed when Nagasaki was bombed as a secondary target in August 1945. We saw what destructiveness was caused in the sad Hiroshima symbols displayed in their museum.

Quiet answers are not easy about this issue. Reasonable persons can differ about the answer. With sadness, were we wrong to drop the bomb? I think so as a person wanting life to be respected. As a simple warrior, we were doing our job to end a bitter, brutal war. Thinking ably about this quietly scares me owing to man’s inhumanity to peaceful souls and their visions. We safely ended the war easily assuming superiority over quite a capable and ferocious war machine. We sacrificed quiet ways to consider a different path. We should try not to get ourselves quite in this place of moral ambiguity again. Great forgiveness by Japan’s people and ourselves helps come to the conclusion that we did what we did, and cannot flog ourselves helpfully. I accept the good judgment of men at war to end the war. We must not return to this place, quietly easing sadness about real awful results.

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