michelangelo-creation-of-adam-detailAs human beings, we attend to ready wants with quiet walking as if they are what is real each inspiring day. The reality we are walking without awareness around is easily witnessed when questions are asked, however. Real loss of service is evident every day to wasted walkers like myself who can see suffering patiently born as students are sacrificed to schedules and wants unrelated to a student’s progress are made in the face of his weakening trauma. In this spirit, witnessing quiet walking with queer wellness to tasks may be a sign really of insensitivity and selfishness. Was anyone ever helped by a clueless, self-satisfied person?

We must ask how we are doing and rate what we accomplish by standards well beyond the seasoned quiet ignorance of adults who walk with assumptions from their experience. We really are awfully far in this learning environment from the one teachers knew as students. Students today have social and sexual and political wills different from when we were answering the call to school twenty or thirty years ago. We are dealing with learning and mental challenges that did not exist then. Who heard of autism when our teachers were students, much less the administrators and psychologists? Whoever had it in this population of assumed experts?

Teaching students with these challenges requires meeting them where they are, and not where sacrificial budgets want to put them in the plan quietly wronging this generation and awfully condemning an entire population to ignorance. Where was teaching directed to such insensitivity? Was witness to keeping a job and lying about reality always a cultural norm? With this reality before us, we should really each day realize opportunities to kindly open our own eyes. We assume nothing can be done as school keeps us learning the politically correct formulas for success before divinity writes a new understanding by issued change through natural law.

Witness to ownership keeps worsening. Politically pleasing, altogether other-focused causes leave walkers with little sense of self-responsibility. We want to blame others. Help each quiet sad day must come from the government. So many student walkers now are really prisoners of quiet disease inflicting potentially everyone as cousins to autism such as attention deficit disorder, celiac disease, epileptic activity, anxiety disorders and undiagnosed mental illness. These conditions wreak havoc with emotions and stability and waste each community in some terrible way. Righteous suspending of reasonable efforts to understand where each student is and engage other students leaves isolation powerfully, potently responsible for suffering thoughts to which any student could be lost.

Real opportunities for love and healing rarely show up in the school environment and sometimes never in lonely students’ lives. This is tragic and sometimes permanently debilitating. I suggest a program of study and witness that exposes needs beyond the wants of students and builds self-responsibility for each other and our community. This would be a student-driven grading system alongside the existing academic system for which each student receives grades from other assigned students for their assistance to each other, sense of friendship communicated, and collaborative teamwork on school assignments. Trials of understanding that make students associated with each other responsible for the others’ success powerfully will lift everyone, with the selfish forced to lose a parochial witness to life or miss incredibly valuable team-building skills. Powerful alignment with over-technical students will build easy confidence; and knowledge developed with experience strengthens community. Real oases of relationship will prevent isolation or self-destructive thinking when student groups really take on education with each other. Terrific grades by real work together will help all recognize the top witness issuing from greatness is the success together and the team-builders who time leader-like abilities with the tempo and needs wisely quietly witnessed and sacrificially healed beneath the surface. Walkers will honor this directly lived and awesomely honed skill with the opportunity to go forth from Brownsburg and make a mark for all of us.

In conclusion, the lost faculty and administration will support where they could never hope to control or fully understand. Teaching work will be different from this. We need an
assumption that we resist the tiered ways of yesterday insisting what others will think and do is not impacting our health or stake quietly in the future. It is. This plan will quietly lower the terrible cost inflicted lastingly by each psychologist or administrator occupying a keep to worsen the darkness falling to this generation of students. Nothing can help us except ourselves. We are the light and the truth if left in a workable environment where we support each other.


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