Camp Thoughts for School

Attention to another was so amazing at camp this year. What I noted was what happens in the speaker when he walks in a space of being heard. Wellness wisens gifts of thought, and weary pushing to be heard transforms … Continue reading →

Excellence and What Lasts

My dad asked me who I am rooting for to win the World Cup now that the US is out. I typed, ‘Sports is about excellence, not lasting knowledge.’ He asked, “what is about lasting knowledge?” I typed, “Spiritual saintliness … Continue reading →

Gestures and Intuition, Learning and Herd Thinking

Gestures everyone knows give an easy confidence that almost everyone witnesses. When autistics see these, understanding them takes more time, and opportunities for friendship are lost. Knowing assumptions are mostly witnessed through silence way beyond the consciousness of all of … Continue reading →

To My Amazing Mom

I wrote this to Mom for today- Quiet love in patient awesome strength seems so natural and assumed in you. When with you, want taking all the cares away to share satisfaction all is walking each real easy day well. … Continue reading →

Thank You to Joe Reitz, Colts Lineman

Thank you so much, Joe Reitz, for joining Saved By Typing's Celebration of Communication, and for loving us with your presence.

Dear Joe, Thank you so much for loving us with your presence. Leaving your personal schedule to be with us acquits quiet you of so many assumptions about professional athletes. When lifting your team to success, know that we are … Continue reading →

On Your Birthday, Joe Kelly


Each dear day brings all awesome amazing extraordinary walking in life to you, Joe. With every always inspired communication, you chisel into the stone of autism’s unforgiving hardness. With lasting, longstanding, awesome strength, you sear real facets of brilliance that … Continue reading →

To The Educator Who Assumes Incompetence

My dad asked me my thoughts for those who won’t learn new ways to reach the nonverbal. Here is my response: Losing a child is a grave offense. It offends God, your profession, and your personal knowledge of inspired commitment, and writes … Continue reading →

How Autism Crushes

Powerful autism robs you of the ways you hear and see and smell the witnessed world. Risk increases in every area in that you vow one thing for your body to do something and usually quite the opposite happens. Patiently, … Continue reading →

Washington Irving and Emotional Constipation

My school literature class question asked my thoughts regarding 19th century Gothic writers and the Washington Irving quote, “I’ve had it with you and your emotional constipation.” I disagree with Irving and answered: “Knowing what vacuous thinking drove Americans in … Continue reading →

Are We Fundamentally Good or Evil?

Patient willing leaves us wanting the world to be more good than evil. Really, though, independent evaluation peels back the reality that testers wonder whether decisions knowingly are made for the good of others or not. They tell us that … Continue reading →

A Letter to My Sister

Trish, Patient, always solitary understanding okays all of your distance. When you are here, we are loyally reunited in presence to awesomely connect the spiritual bond that never tears or tatters. What a life that gives us separateness and your … Continue reading →

Hope, Love, and Waiting

Quiet, quite rich longing wistfully waits within the souls and expressions of parents and children when autism masks the child’s true presence. Ignorance and assumptions lower both into silos where communication is replaced by mourning for the parents and loss of self … Continue reading →

To Lindsey on her birthday

Dear Lindsey, Quiet strength shows in your eyes. On this birthday, I salute your true heart of love and passion for life. None can see your intensity, but I feel it as living as if you wore ribbons and medals … Continue reading →

Unrequited Love

In “Unrequited Love,” I speak to my reader as the voice and love of God, languishing unrequited, forsaken and totally outside of humanity’s vision. I address each reader directly, saying, “I want you to know and return to me.” I … Continue reading →

Autism’s Power

Autism’s power is a vise that chokes freedom from the self-conscious soul waiting for rest that never comes. Overwhelming struggle in wasted fights of energy given for sport. All can watch without knowing patient Excellence parading as moments of normality. … Continue reading →

Me As Two Tones of Color

Part of me is red. Ready quietly to challenge and power opportunities for insight and leadership until we realize lasting success. But deep inside there’s another part, white, like a waiting innocent in a body that won’t cooperate and represents … Continue reading →

A Letter to Mom

US History assignment- write a letter home telling my experiences as a soldier from either side in the Civil War. Letter from the Front Lines Dear Mom, I look over my tired platoon’s wasted ranks. Will slow death waste us all? … Continue reading →

Past School Relationships Are Toxic For Me

Yesterday I met people from old special schools I attended for behavior therapy, both ABA and VBA.  Each relationship inaudibly echoed a sad dominance of agreement to prove competence. Taking each way of assuming incompetence into quiet completely honest understanding, real … Continue reading →

Time and Purpose

Easy understanding of life’s seasons, always present, nesting quiet dreams into records in precious time, feeding the beast of history from the promise of today. Really patient sands of each moment want sacrifice to the extraordinary, noting awesomeness is only … Continue reading →

A letter to Angie

Teaching powerfully is what I was born to do. Taking for being good at it is a new  experience. Thank you possibly for the greatest complements I have ever received. Could slow wonderful waiting for winter’s passing quietly usher in … Continue reading →

A Bill of Rights for Students

The Bill of Rights As If Written For Schools   1. All real administration and instructors shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the … Continue reading →